Please scroll down for links to view and print the Design Guidelines for Maui Lani, which have been carefully developed to assist you, as an owner of a property in this unique, master-planned residential community, in designing or altering your home…

It has been the experience of all successful master-planned residential communities that stringent architectural design guidelines promote a consistent and harmonious living experience for all Homeowners.  These Design Guidelines shall apply to all single family residential lots in the Maui Lani Community and all improvements to such lots.


All new construction, and/or exterior alterations (including re-painting) to your property (e.g. house, garages, extensions, additions, walls, hardscape, landscaping, fences, pools, gazebos, lanais, patios, play equipment, etc.) must be submitted for review and must be approved by the DRC prior to being built and before you submit plans to the County of Maui, if required, for building permits…

Click on the links, below, to view and print out the full DRC Guidelines

MLCA Design Guidelines 
MLCA GFN Design Guidelines
MLCA GF Design Guidelines
DRC – Design Review Policies 03-02-17
DRC Design Review Fees 03-02-17

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